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5 Reasons To Make An Appointment With Your Dentist

Dentall Cleaning Jupiter FloridaMost people would rather go to the ice cream shop instead of the dentist. The sad truth is that nearly one-third of Americans avoid going to the dentist for a whole year, which is not wise. A Jupiter dental hygienist will recommend that you visit a dentist at least twice a year, and the following are five reasons why you should.

1. Oral Health Issues

Developing an oral issue is one reason you should not neglect dental hygiene checkups with your Florida Premier Dentistry team. For example, a little plaque could lead to gingivitis, and some cavity-causing bacteria can burrow holes in your teeth.

2. Small Problems can get Bigger

Many people decide to skip visiting their dentist because they are worried about the amount of money the visit might cost them. It is a mistake to look at things in this manner. Consider that a minor cavity can be fixed with a filling. But if you let a cavity go untreated, you might need a root canal at some point. This means you will lose part of your tooth and will need minor surgery; this will cost more than a simple filling.

3. Oral Cancer

One of the most important functions of an oral examination, even one where you are just going to get your teeth clean, is that you give your dentist a chance to inspect your mouth. Oral cancer is possible, and your dentist can use this time to check for swollen or red areas. Your dental hygienist can look for ulcerated regions as well, just in case. The chances of you developing these issues are higher if you smoke or drink beer often. Discovering this problem early on greatly improves your chances of overcoming this illness.

4. Heart Risk Reduced

A study concluded that women who keep up with their dental appointments have a lower risk for heart disease. This is a reason for why it is especially important to visit Dr. Casel or his team of specialists. Your dental hygienist helps by reducing the possibility of oral infections during regular cleanings. The bacteria that cause oral infections seep into the blood stream and thicken the blood vessels, which could end up stressing your circulatory system.

5. Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Protection

Believe it or not, your mouth reveals secrets, and your dentist can understand them. For one, it can tell your dentist if you are mineral or vitamin deficient. Ignoring these types of deficiencies can end up putting you at risk of various diseases or disorders. For example, your dentist may be able to tell that you have an iron deficiency. This deficiency can make your tongue turn pale and could lead to anemia.

You might have thought about skipping appointments with the dentist for whatever reasons, but in doing so you are placing yourself at risk for any number of problems associated with mouth diseases that can cost you down the road. Dr. Dan Casel recommends that you have your teeth cleaned in the office at least twice a year.

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