implant retained devicesToday’s modern dental technology has once again proven itself with new innovations in oral surgery. For individuals missing their teeth, they will find it possible to regain a brand-new and complete set of teeth in as little as a day! Picture restoring the smile you want without having to sit through numerous appointments and receiving a long lasting and durable solution to replace your missing teeth all at the same time!

Premier Dentistry of Jupiter cosmetic dentists Dr. Casel, and Dr. Williams, are now implementing this technology and together with their experience they are offering  individuals a lower impact, lesser cost opportunity to do exactly that!

Implant Retained Devices

What they are offering is a cutting-edge dental solution that entails the positioning of as little as four titanium implants into your jawbone that will act as supports for your new full set of teeth. These four implants are in effect very much like screws that act like the root of your tooth and were developed to help assist osseo-integration. What that means, is they basically latch onto your bone cells and then aid in the promotion of healthy bone density as well as increase it’s volume.

After a very tolerable surgery, where the new implants are placed into the jaw-bone, our doctors will then attach the tray that holds your new teeth. This new tray, or (implant retaining device) that holds your new teeth will look totally natural as well as provide you the same benefits of having real teeth.

Say goodbye to Dentures!

For persons that need to deal with dentures every day this is the ideal solution. For individuals missing all their teeth they are a must! These new implant retained devices (trays) offer patients tremendous benefits.

  • A durable and long lasting solution for beautiful teeth.
  • No more accidents with dentures pulling away from your gums.
  • Easy regular upkeep, much as you would care for your actual teeth.
  • These implant retained devices in in reality assist in the promotion of healthy bone density and volume which helps to keep your face in alignment.
  • The surgery for both the upper and lower jaw can be completed on the very same day.

To learn how you can get the benefits of owning a complete new set of teeth in as little as one day, call us right away to set up a free no obligation consultation. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to regain your life! Call 561-747-7111 today!


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