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Dentist in Jupiter FL Discusses Invisalign Braces

Some Helpful Questions and Answers About Invisalign Braces from Premier Dentistry of Jupiter

Invisalign braces in Jupiter FL

Will my speech be affected by Invisalign braces?

Some Invisalign users may experience just a slight lisp for a day or two until their tongue becomes familiarized with the aligners at which point your speech returns to normal.

How painful are Invisalign braces?

At the beginning period of each new aligner tray you may experience some discomfort for a day or two until the tray loosens and the pressure on your teeth eases.

Some people prefer to put the new tray in at night along with an Advil and by morning the tray has already loosened enough to not cause discomfort.

How long do you have to wear the Invisalign trays.

Once you begin using Invisalign your tray stays in your mouth for a recommended 22 hours each day, and definitely not less than 20 hours each day.

The time when it is not in your mouth is when you eat, since you cannot eat with the Invisalign trays in your mouth, and also when you brush your teeth. The more time you spend wearing Invisalign the sooner your treatment will be completed.

Can I eat or drink while wearing the Invisalign tray?

You may not eat, though you can drink water but definitely not hot water as it could melt the Invisalign plastic.

What special dental hygiene do I need with Invisalign?

Extra attention should be paid to brushing and flossing during the course of your Invisalign treatment, including after each meal.

The Invisalign trays also must be cleaned thoroughly by brushing with your toothpaste and soaking in a cleaning agent recommended by your dentist.

In general the comfort level you will experience with Invisalign is much better than with traditional braces. As a bonus they are nearly invisible and make it easy to maintain good dental hygiene.

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