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According to Dr. Dan Casel at Premier Dentistry of Jupiter, dental cleanings are becoming more important each year, yet far too many patients neglect the easiest way to prevent gum disease.

Why are dental cleanings becoming more important than ever? Most people are unaware of the direct connection between food, plaque and dental disease. Would you believe plaque begins to adhere to teeth within 20 minutes after you eat?

Dental plaque is one of the worst enemies found in the mouth. When you get plaque build-up, it corrodes the enamel, causing decay and deterioration. In addition, plaque and bacteria cause bad breath and leave the teeth yellow if not removed. Brushing and flossing after every meal is the best way to remove plaque and keep your teeth, healthy gums and breathe.

What is Plaque?

Plaque is a sticky substance, formed from particles of food debris and saliva. If you’re not properly brushing after meals, the plaque starts to form and accumulate on your teeth. This is a problem because the plaque contains bacteria, which promote tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, dental plaque remains on your teeth, hardens and turns into a substance called tartar, which must be scraped off with specialized dental tools. Tartar is what makes your teeth look yellow and your breath smell bad, and can be difficult to clean your mouth once it builds up.

How Plaque Forms?

Plaque is a result of chemical reactions that take place in your mouth. All that’s needed is bacteria, carbohydrates, food particles and saliva. Carbohydrates, a large part of today’s modern menu, found primarily in processed foods, are the main culprits. The first step in plaque formation occurs as you eat. Carbohydrates and sugar combine with the natural bacteria in the mouth and creates an acid. This acid itself is the real problem, because it corrodes the enamel. So when the acid is combined with other food debris and saliva, a chemical reaction occurs and the substance becomes sticky, solidifies, and adheres to your teeth.

How to prevent plaque

You can minimize the formation of plaque by paying attention to your diet. As noted before, plaque requires carbohydrates to form, so the fewer you eat the better. Of course, there is really no way to completely abstain from carbs, but you can avoid over-indulging in sweets, cookies and other sugary items as much as possible to prevent plaque buildup.

The best way to minimize plaque buildup is to brush your teeth after every meal and floss twice a day, and this regimen is difficult for most people. Even so, you still will encounter some plaque. The only way to completely remove plaque from the teeth is by maintaining regular visits to see your dentist. Dr. Casel and Dr. Williams are two of the best dentists in Jupiter Florida when it comes to maintaining oral health. They offer the latest oral health care technologies and are regarded as some of the areas most competent dental health care specialists. Their goal is to keep your teeth healthy and looking good.

Premier Dentistry of Jupiter recommends having your teeth cleaned at least twice a year to maintain optimum results. Be sure to call for an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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