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Rid Yourself of Dental Fear With Sedation Dentistry

It’s approximated that close to 23% of U.S. citizens overlook routine oral care due to anxiety about the dentist. The primary issues vary from the sensation of discomfort, to the sight of instruments, or past unfavorable experiences, sometimes even the sanitized odor of the dental office itself can set off unwelcome stress. Yet, the greatest problem with dental stress is that, if left unattended, it needlessly impacts the oral health of an individual, which in turn can result in dental treatments that may require investing a considerably longer amount of time in the dentist’s chair.

Thankfully, there are numerous safe and secure methods that can get rid of a persons panic, such as sedation dentistry.


Sedation Dentistry in Jupiter FL

Depending upon the level of anxiety expressed by the patient, different variations of sedation can be utilized. This can vary from tranquilizers and anti-anxiety drugs, to the use of nitrous oxide, more frequently referred to as laughing gas.

Sedation rapidly produces a sense of relaxation that substantially minimizes any sensations of discomfort and pain. About 60% of general dental procedures and 90% of pediatric dentistry are carried out with some type of sedation.

At Premier Dentistry of Jupiter it can be as simple as taking a pill. We will give you a pill that you can swallow an hour prior to your appointment. By the time you arrive for your appointment, you should be feeling relaxed and slowly shift to a much deeper state of sedation. You will continue to have the ability to respond to any questions when asked, however will not be cognizant of the procedure. You will be monitored all throughout the treatment and after it is completed, a friend or relative can take you back to your home. In about an hour or so, you’ll return to your normal self.

Naturally, there are more approaches that can enhance sedation dentistry;

Five Methods to Reduce Anxiety Levels

If you are anxious about your next visit with us, here are some added suggestions to help you reduce your stress:

1. Share your worries. Communicate your feelings to our personnel. If you tell us about your issues, our doctors will customize the treatment to match your requirements.

2. If you’re troubled by the usual noises heard in the dentist office, bring a portable audio device and earbuds or headphones to listen to music. A patent’s preferred music will usually put them at ease.

3. Try eating foods high in protein and stay away from any caffeine or sweets. Protein offers a type of relaxing effect where as sugar and caffeine are both stimulants that intensify feelings of stress and anxiety.

4. Bring sunglasses to reduce light sensitivity. Neurologists suggest that the brain reacts to colors and light, while lighting is needed to perform dental work, it frequently can provoke fear in patients already experiencing any anxiety.

5. Finally, get yourself mentally prepared for your visit to the dentist. Typically, courage will almost never come into play until you face your fear.

Even in the most stressful situations, you can count on Dr. Michael Gorman at Premier Dentistry of Jupiter to help dramatically reduce your anxiety level.

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