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Flossing Tips for Good Oral Hygiene | Healthy Teeth and Gums

Woman Flossing Keep your Gums and Teeth Healthy With Proper Flossing Technique

Flossing your teeth is essential to good oral health, as any dental hygienist or dentist will be sure to tell you. Removing plaque from your teeth will benefit you in preserving the health of your teeth and gums.

Despite the admonition, many people may diligently floss for only a short time after a dental appointment and then resume their bad habits of skipping flossing.

Nevertheless it can hardly be emphasized enough that keeping your gums and your teeth healthy requires regular flossing. A proper oral hygiene program requires you to floss your teeth before or after you brush your teeth.

Why should you floss your teeth?

The primary reason for flossing is to eliminate the bacteria that builds up between your teeth and in the areas where your gum tissue meets your teeth.

Brushing alone is not sufficient for getting rid of all of this harmful bacteria, though flossing correctly does indeed go a long way toward eliminating the accumulated bacteria and promoting good dental hygiene. This may also help with chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis.

Flossing Tips – What is the proper way to floss teeth?

Begin the flossing regimen by first wrapping the dental floss around your fingers with about six inches of floss exposed for use in your mouth.

As you floss keep the tension on the floss quite tight. When the floss begins to become frayed then loop it again and continue the flossing process.

Should I use a flossing threader?

If you have difficulty using regular dental floss then you may wish to use a flossing threader which has a loop at one end for threading the dental floss.

Your dental hygienist or dentist can show you the proper way to do use a flossing threader though it is quite easy – use a piece of dental floss about 14 to 18 inches long and put one end of it through the loop so that one side of the floss is about twice as long as the other.

What is the proper way to floss the teeth?

When you insert the dental floss between your teeth make sure to contact all of the surface area of the teeth. A good rule of thumb is to begin at the back teeth (the molars) and work toward the front, making two to four passes in each space between your teeth.

When you are done flossing one side then begin again in the back on the other side, again working toward the front teeth. When you are done make sure to rinse out your mouth.

What should I do if the area between two teeth is very tight?

To deal with very tight openings use a deft touch to pull the dental floss toward your gum line. Do this gently so as to not damage the soft tissue of your gums.

Floss for Good Oral Health

Use these flossing tips to improve your dental hygiene. Flossing properly removes bacteria that can cause cavities and will help you preserve good oral hygiene. Take care of your teeth and gums and make sure to continue regular check-ups and teeth cleanings with your dentist.

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