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Foods That Are Good For Your Mouth

cheeseMost people know that certain foods are bad for their teeth, such as processed sugar, but do you know about the foods that can enhance your oral health? Dr. Casel and his team at Premier Dentistry of Jupiter would like to share some of these foods with you. Consider adding some of the following to your diet.

White Gold

People who are worried about their dental health should take a closer look at the cheese they buy. Yes, you might find it unorthodox, but cheese is a powerhouse of goodness for your overall health. For one, it helps rebalance your mouth’s pH level. Oral pathogens multiply quickly in an acidic environment, which cheese does not provide. Cheese also leaves a protective coating on your teeth to aid against bacteria; it contains vitamin K2 as well, which helps your body pinpoint calcium-deficient areas that could be your teeth. This vitamin helps make your teeth strong. The catch is that the cheese needs to be aged.

Dark Goodness

Having a healthy mouth is all about making sure that you are taking care of your teeth, which usually means staying away from things like candy. Well, there is an exception to this rule if you are talking about chocolate. It seems that the husk of the cacao bean contains an ingredient called CBH. This ingredient is powerful enough to prevent cavities. It should be noted that the husk is removed from most chocolate you find at the store. You need to make sure that you consume or obtain chocolate that still contains the husk, which means raw chocolate. You can purchase this from your local health food store or online. If it is sweetened, be sure that it is natural, like raw honey or stevia.

Fruity Delight

There is another aspect of your oral health that you might want to address and that is the appearance of your teeth. Thankfully, a tropical fruit might help keep your teeth beautiful and bright. Pineapples and papayas are incredibly important for your oral health. Pineapples contain bromelain, which helps break down the bond that stains have to your teeth. Papaya contains papain, which has a similar effect on stains.

All these foods can be easily added to your diet, and they can be quite delicious. Of course, these are just a few examples and should be eaten in moderation. There are other foods that your dentist might suggest to promote healthy teeth. Do not be afraid to take your questions to Dr. Dan Casel. Him and his team are here to help.