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Jupiter Dentist Helps Patients With Tooth Sensitivity

sensitive teeth Jupiter FloridaThe specialists at Premier Dentistry of Jupiter know that sensitive teeth can negatively affect a person’s lifestyle. Some people cannot handle a cool breeze or enjoy a delicious bowl of ice cream because of tooth sensitivity. No dental specialist wants a patient to be deprived of certain experiences because of this dental issue, which is preventable and treatable.

Why Do People Experience Tooth Sensitivity?

A dental hygienest in Jupiter FL will probably tell you know that tooth sensitivity occurs when the enamel on the teeth is stripped down. It may also happen if the gums recede due to gingivitis. Both of these issues expose a tooth’s dentin and root, which are quite sensitive. A person with this type of sensitivity may experience some of the following:

  • Feelings of discomfort with cold drinks or food
  • Discomfort when eating hot foods or drinking hot drinks
  • Acidic foods or beverages might cause discomfort

There are many reasons why the enamel might become thin. One common reason this occurs is because the person suffering from the issue brushed his or her teeth too harshly. The bristles of the toothbrush should never bend beyond a fraction.

Gum disease, cavities, dental cracks, or dental fractions might also promote tooth sensitivity. Drinking or eating foods that are too acidic could also strip the teeth of their natural enamel. Teeth grinding is also a problem that could lead to tooth sensitivity, though it may be hard to detect since it usually occurs at night. If you wake up with a painful jaw, this might be a sign of teeth grinding.

Knowing the possible causes of tooth sensitivity might help prevent the dental ailment.

What Can be Done to Help Sensitive Teeth?

A dental specialist should be able to deal with tooth sensitivity at all of its stages. There are various treatments that a dentist will use to attempt to deal with the problem. For one, cavities can be dealt with by using fillings or crowns. Fillings and crowns might work for a fractured tooth as well.

It may be necessary to start a remineralization treatment plan where the dentist will suggest the application of fluoride gel, which is meant to strengthen the enamel. This application should reduce the symptoms over time. The dentist might suggest a reduction or the elimination of certain foods until the enamel is strengthened.

The increase of tooth-friendly and enamel-friendly foods should be introduced to help with the treatment plan. This includes foods high in calcium or vitamin K2. Fortunately, these ingredients can be found in most unpasteurized aged cheeses, though there are other sources like tempeh.

It might be a good idea to switch to a toothpaste that was created specifically for people with tooth sensitivity. These toothpastes have desensitizing properties that help block the nerve endings that are exposed on the dentin, which should help reduce the symptoms, too.

Understand that Dr. Dan Casel and his team at Premier Dentistry of Jupiter ensures that tooth sensitivity does not affect a patient longer than it needs to. The best Jupiter dental practice in Florida can take good care of you.