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Poor Oral Health Could Be Linked To Pancreatic Cancer

 cosmetic dentist in JupiterDr. Dan Casel and his team encourage clients to take an active role in their oral health. Premier Dentistry has been dedicated to this idea since its inception because a healthy smile matters to Dr. Casel, but there is more to this. Premier Dentistry cares about your whole health, and Dr. Casel’s team knows that your oral health can affect your overall health, too.

Link Between Oral Health and Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a health affliction some Americans suffer from, and it is hard to detect. This is tragic, especially because late detection can make the cancer harder to deal with.

Our Doctors insist that clients practice good oral care because it can make a difference. Dr. Casel and the dental hygienists at Premier Dentistry suggest that you visit your oral specialist twice a year for a good teeth cleaning.

Researchers knew there was a link between pancreatic cancer and poor oral health. Many oral specialists noticed that those suffering from pancreatic cancer were more likely to suffer from issues like gum disease or cavities. But they still wondered if poor oral hygiene could lead to pancreatic cancer.

It turns out that bacterial strains like Porphyromonas gingivalis and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans were found to increase the likelihood of developing pancreatic cancer. Both pathogens are associated with gum disease and gum inflammation. It should be noted that the risk of getting this type of cancer can be exasperated if your diet is not good or you smoke.

Dr. Casel and his team know that clients who visit the office trust Premier Dentistry, which is one reason why they do their best to not only provide exceptional service but diligent checkups.

Fighting the Good Fight

One thing that worries the experts at Premier Dentistry is the research is still in its early stages. The bacterial strands mentioned above are dangerous, but there could be others. There are thousands of different pathogens in your mouth, especially if you are not maintaining your oral health.

This is one reason why Dr. Casel and his associates will likely offer helpful information and even teach you proper oral care techniques that you can do at home to make sure you are getting rid of as many pathogens as possible.

You will likely hear Dr. Casel’s team suggest that you deal with dental defects like cracks, fractures, and deformities. You may choose to deal with these issues with a bonding procedure or veneers.

The reason it is important to address these problems is because some of these can create a safe haven for the pathogens mentioned earlier. It will be harder to brush or even floss with some of these issues, which makes them even more dangerous.

You are encouraged to talk to Dr. Casel or any of his associates about any concerns that you may have. This is a serious danger, and you need to work with your oral hygienist to make sure that you are doing your best to stay healthy. Every area of your health needs to be tended to, and it is intricately connected. Call for your appointment at (561) 747-7111